What are they?

The Culture Awards are annual awards given to companies who produce and promote the best work culture for their employees.

Being an amazing place to work is about more than just salary or vacation days. The Hirepalooza Culture Awards gives companies the opportunity to profile their best company culture attributes at San Francisco’s largest recruitment conference and expo.

How does it work?

  • Nominate a company for the Culture Awards by filling out this form by April 1st!
  • Crowd voting will begin April 2nd, where anyone can tweet their vote!
  • Voting will end May 6th with winners announced the next week!

Culture award recipients will receive:

  • Digital award on our website and announcement
  • (3) PRO Passes to Hirepalooza ($1000 value)
  • Extra job postings (2) on Hirepalooza job board

2015 Categories

Call for nominations (company up to 3 categories)


Your company ranks as one of the most diverse places to work: where people from all different types of life come together to produce awesome things.



Your company gives back to the community through charity initiatives and donations to make positive changes to its community.


Best innovation program

You’re constantly innovating. And your innovation is supported by the company you work for: they’ve even got a whole program for it.



The phrase “work-life-balance” actually means something where you work: whether that means health or wellness programs, benefits, or workplace lifestyle.


Employee education programs

Your company is actually invested in your continued education and your future.


Workforce 2.0

Using digital tools – your team is able to work seamlessly together. You’re powered by innovations that make working together efficient.


Social (hosting employee and community events)

Coming together with fellow employees and the community is a regular thing where you work.


Best green initiatives

Green initiatives go beyond recycling to sustainability, transportation and car-pooling, and environmental impact initiatives.


Civic leadership

The company creates positive change in your city and community.


Open source knowledge

Your company contributes articles, conference speakers, open hackathons, thought leadership, blogs, and media to the public!